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arriving by bus

arriving by bus

Buses are a good way to get around and are mostly comfortable and airconditioned. There are many buses daily from Athens to Kalamata, where you can change to a local bus to Kardamili. We can arrange to pick you up in Kardamili and bring you the last 8km to Exochori.

Athens -Kalamata 05.45; 07.30; 08.45; 10.30 (express); 11.30; 13.00 (express); 14.00; 15.30; 16.30 (express); 17.30; 19.00 (express); 20.30 (except staurdays); 21.30 (saturdays only); 22.00 (except saturdays). Check with KTEL Buses for current timetable 

The journey takes about 3 to 3 1/2 hours. Sometimes the 14.00 from Athens is a through bus all the way to Kardamili.

Kalamata - Kardamili  07.00, 13.10 and 18.15. The journey takes about 1 hour.